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Papa’s Auto Spa is a premium detailing and auto service company with a wide range of services for your automobile. With 5 years of experience in auto-detailing under our wing, our auto detailing specialists here at Papa’s Auto Spa have solutions that suit every car enthusiast’s budget and space. 

Trusted by dealerships in Brantford, Papa’s Auto Spa is the go-to automotive detail solutionist in the area. From exterior polishing to interior detail, our specialists have a passion for reviving your ride and bringing out the true performance of your automobile.


Premium Detailing Services

Our curated list of services ranges from premium detailing and auto service to auto detailing cleaning. Our auto detailing specialists ensure that your experience is as simple and convenient as possible.

Ceramic Coating

Car Detailing

Polish & Paint

Full Car Service

FAQs about Car Detailing

When it comes to your automobile, you want to be able to choose the right detailing service; for that, you need to understand how car detailing works! Here are some frequently asked questions about car detailing to help get you started:

The frequency at which you should have your car detailed depends on your driving habits and the type of environment in which you drive. Some people may need to have their cars detailed every few months, while others may only need to have it done once a year.

A car wash typically just involves cleaning the exterior of the car, while car detailing includes both exterior and interior cleaning and often includes more thorough cleaning and restoration services.

Yes, car detailing services often include both exterior and interior detailing, and here at Papa’s Auto Spa – we offer both!

It depends on the severity of the scratches and scuffs. Minor scratches can often be removed with polishing and buffing, while deeper scratches may require repainting.

Basic car detailing packages typically include a wash, wax, and vacuum of the interior and exterior of the car, as well as cleaning of the windows. Depending on the package, other services may be included, such as tire and wheel cleaning, engine cleaning, and paint restoration. Learn more about our services here: [hyperlink service page]


All things Automotive Detailing

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we love to stay informed about the best ways to keep your wheels in shape. Take a look at our blogs to learn more about the latest news and trends in the world of automotive detailing.

What a great experience. The car was done very well, looks brand new. The service was beyond exceptional. The communication, service, kindness and detailing were amazing. I will be back and recommend them to anyone. Thank you.

Jackie Thomas

We took our vehicle there for detailing and they did an amazing job their attention to detail is awesome. Phil and Char go above and beyond for their customers. They are truly 2 of the kindest people we have ever come across. I highly recommend them.

Lynda Jackson

They are so great! Picked up my car from my work to make it more convenient for me. I give them the keys and they take care of it! I am definitely going to be using Phillip's services again. Thank you for the great experience.

Dani Lenko

    Top Notch Performance

    Papa’s Auto Spa takes pride in providing passionate services, ensuring each car gets the attention in requires, to make it look as good as new and fresh.

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